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    Post by phyzyprogrammer on Sun Sep 11, 2016 4:43 pm

    Hello readers, have you heard about Payoneer? May be No or may be have lil bit knowledge about it. Let me give you a short overview, Yes, Payoneer that’s the great alternative of PayPal in some manners . I’m saying here great because it deducts low surcharges and exchange rates than PayPal and provides higher flexibility to their customers. I know you’re curious so let’s continue to know more about it deeply: farao
    What is Payoneer?
    Payoneer is an online payout platform that used to send and receive money globally and have opportunity to immediate access to your funds and withdraw in any manner (through mastercard or transfer to your local bank account). It founded in 2005 and based in New York. It mainly designed for individuals and business organisation to send and receive payment from any international bank to their local bank account.
    It offers MasterCard on signup that’s used to withdraw your funds from anynearby local bank ATM and access online from your Payoneer account to make online purchase without any restriction. It supports growth of global commerce and provides opportunity to businesses and organisations to hire employees and payout for taken service in more than 200 countries and in over 60 currencies. king

    <h1>Payoneer rules for Indian customers:</h1>

    <p>Payoneer had to shut down in india by 2011 due to directive issues by RBI (reserve bank of India) but now it came back again after 4 years with certain rules. Check below:
    1. You can receive payment from companies that are whitelisted in Payoneer.
    2. You can receive payment from US and Eu Companies. It means you can use ACH transfer in the US and SEPA transfers in the EU.
    3. It doesn’t offer MasterCard in India. It supports auto withdrawal systems same as PayPal. </p>

    <h1>Who can consider Payoneer?</h1>

    It’s for anyone and everyone but here the majority of section for whom beneficial to use it:
    1. Digital marketers
    2. Bloggers and online property owners
    3. Freelancers

    4. Photographers
    5. Travel bloggers
    6. Businesses and organisations that have customers and employers worldwide
    7. Peoples working from home
    8. Affiliates publishers and marketers
    9. Media and web workers
    10. Anyone who wants to receive payment online from any bank located at foreign country to their local bank account.

    If you’re organization and have large number of employees over worldwide you might be able to get business relationship with them.

    click the link below to sign up afro
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    Posts : 2
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    Comment and Win Free browsing Cheat For Any Networks

    Post by phyzyprogrammer on Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:37 pm

    Comment is important
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